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Medical Engineering for Mission-Critical Applications

Rugged, Compact and FPGA-Based Designs for Electro-Medical Devices and Systems

Electro-medical devices for medical applications

More Information on Medical Engineering

Electro-medical devices for medical imaging, patient monitoring, ventilation and anesthesia, diagnosis, therapy and treatment and laboratory engineering require reliable computer components developed and produced according to medical standards as they have direct influence on the health and life of humans.

Mission-critical applications include, for example, medical ventilators or robotics surgery, which need a redundant design to safeguard the patient's life. FPGA-based designs allow individual, customized implementation of very dedicated medical functions also for smaller volumes.

Keeping Up with Medical Requirements

In addition, for mobile or hand-held devices, volume and weight as well as temperature, drop or humidity can be a challenge, so that computers must be robust, compact and lightweight. Computer-on-modules are the right choice here, as they are complete computers on a small module which can be placed inside a rugged aluminum housing.

Medical standards which have to be observed include IEC 68-2 for shock and vibration or MIL STD.810E for temperature and humidity, but also traceability during electronics production.

State-of-the-art computing performance and networking features are necessary to build up the backbone for the communication between medical devices and management systems, e.g., for hospital information systems, tele-medical treatment, or digital image archives.

Application Examples for Medical Engineering

Ventilators for Anesthesia
Ventilators for Anesthesia

The computing heart of each ventilation control unit are two of the PowerPC based Computer-on-Modules.

Infusion Pump Gateway Computer
Infusion Pump Gateway Computer

This infusion pump gateway computer is the heart of a system that controls up to 24 infusion pumps.

Robotics Surgery
Robotics Surgery

A 3U CompactPCI SBC with an Intel Core 2 Duo processor is used to control a medical robot that performs knee surgery.

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