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10EM01-41 - QNX 6.4.1 BSP (MEN) for EM1, EM1A, EM1N, EK6, EK6N, F12 and F12N

This product has been discontinued.

QNX 6.4.1 BSP (MEN) for EM1, EM1A, EM1N, EK6, EK6N, F12 and F12N

Main Features

Technical Data

Supported Operating System
QNX 6.4.1
Supported Hardware Features
  • CPU
    • MPC5200 processor (MPC5200 Rev.B)
    • MMU support
    • Cache support
  • Memory
    • EEPROM
  • I/O
    • Serial driver for COM1
    • Ethernet driver for LAN1 (MPC5200) and LAN2 (FPGA)
  • FPGA
    • FPGA configuration table access
    • FPGA 16Z025_UART
  • Bus Interface
    • PCI bus
  • Miscellaneous
    • Timer driver
    • Timestamp driver
    • Real time clock
    • Watchdog
    • Boot Flash
Unsupported Hardware Features
  • MPC5200 ATA
  • MPC5200 MSCAN (CAN Layer 2 driver for MDIS available)
    • Download separate CAN driver for MDIS, 13Z015-06
  • FPGA reloading
  • System parameter access
  • Photon support for graphics and touch screen
  • USB on EC1 board
  • HTML documentation in ZIP archive
  • PDF user manual available as a separate download
  • This BSP does not support MGT5200 Rev. A.
  • Depending on your complete system configuration (FPGA, carrier...), some modifications might be necessary. If you need help, please contact MEN support.

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