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FPGA Development Package (MEN) - MEN
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EK9 FPGA Development Package (MEN)

This product has been discontinued.

EK9 FPGA Development Package (MEN)

Main Features

Technical Data

EK9 FPGA Development Package
  • The EK9 FPGA Development Package can be used with the EK9 ESM evaluation kit. It includes a sample design integrating the standard Wishbone bus.
  • The user can add IP cores to the Wishbone bus by using MEN's Wishbone Bus Maker tool, which is part of the package and which can be used to generate the Wishbone bus. The Wishbone Bus Maker can generate multi-master and multi-slave bus systems.
  • The package includes net lists of all IP cores being part of the EK9 standard factory configuration, top file, and Altera Quartus project.
Supported Operating System
Windows XP/2000