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XC2 - ESMexpress COM Carrier Board for Intelligent Displays

Evaluation Platform

This product has been discontinued.

The XC2 is a universal ESMexpress carrier board designed for intelligent display solutions. Together with an application-specific carrier board it forms a semi-custom solution for industrial, harsh, mobile and mission-critical environments.

  • XC2 Product ImageXC2 ESMexpress COM Carrier Board with Display Computer DC1
  • XC2 Product ImageXC2 ESMexpress Carrier Board for Intelligent Displays
  • XC2 Product ImageESMexpress module XM1L mounted on the XC2
  • XC2 Product ImageESMexpress COM XM1L
  • XC2 Product Image
  • XC2 Product Image
  • XC2 Product Image
  • XC2 Product Image

Main Features

  • 1 ESMexpress slot<br />4 GB USB Flash disk<br />PCI Express Mini Card slot<br />LVDS on board, second LVDS or DVI-D optional<br />2 Fast Ethernet on M12<br />2 USB 2.0<br />SA-Adapter slot for UART (COM)<br />HD audio connector (optional)<br />DVI-I connector (optional)<br />Power supply 14.4 to 33.6 VDC (24 V nom.)<br />-40 to +85°C with qualified components
XC2 Product Image

Technical Data

ESMexpress Carrier Card
  • 1 ESMexpress slot
  • J1 and J2 assembled
Mechanical Specifications
  • Dimensions: 233.45 x 240 x 21.8 mm
    • Fit for installation in housing of 12 to 19" displays
  • Weight: >300 g
  • 1 SATA connector
    • UDMA 5 supported
  • 2 USB-driven Flash disk slots
    • 4 GB Flash Memory (standard, up to 32 GB possible)
  • 1 LVDS 25-pin connector
    • For direct connection of an LVDS display
  • 1 LVDS backlight 10-pin connector
  • 1 LVDS via SDVO or 1 DVI via SDVO
  • Supported DVI resolutions (depending on operating system/software):
    • 640x480 (VGA) with aspect ratio 4:3
    • 800x600 (SVGA) with aspect ratio 4:3
    • 1024x768 (EXGA) with aspect ratio 4:3
    • 1152x864 (XGA) with aspect ratio 4:3
    • 1280x800 (WXGA) with aspect ratio 16:10
    • 1280x960 (SXGA) with aspect ratio 4:3
    • 1400x1050 (SXGA+) with aspect ratio 4:3
    • 1600x1200 (UXGA) with aspect ratio 4:3 up to 60 Hz
    • 1920x1200 (WUXGA) with aspect ratio 16:10 up to 60 Hz
PCI Express
2 PCIe x1
6 USB 2.0 (480 Mbit/s)
  • Used for Flash Disk (2x), SA-Adapter slot and optional PCI Express Mini Card slot
  • 2 USB connectors on interface board
10/100Base-T Ethernet
2 Fast Ethernet
  • Switch functionality
  • Full duplex mode supported
1 SMBus
  • For communication between board components
I/O via interface board
  • USB 2.0
    • 2 USB Type A connectors
  • 10/100Base-T Ethernet
    • 2 M12 Ethernet connectors
  • SA-Adapter slot
    • 1 serial interface realized via SA-Adapter, e.g., RS232 or RS422, isolated or not, GPS
  • 5 binary inputs via mixed 7W2 D-sub power connector
    • 1 for key input functionality
    • 4 universal inputs, e.g., for geographical addressing
Intelligent Power Supply with Controller
  • Input voltage supervision
  • Temperature supervision via LM50 sensor
  • Backlight control (turns off display at extreme temperatures)
  • Buffer functionality for RTC and BIOS CMOS
  • Reset of CPU board possible
  • Wake on Time
  • Watchdog
  • Key input functionality
  • Accessible via SMBus
Electrical Specifications
Supply voltage/power consumption:
  • 24 VDC (+/- 40%) power supply according to EN 50155
MTBF: 212,503 h @ 40°C according to IEC/TR 62380 (RDF 2000)
Environmental Specifications
  • Temperature range (operation):
    • -40..+70°C (up to +85°C for 10 minutes - compliant with EN 50155, class TX railway standard )
    • Airflow depending on ESMexpress module
  • Prepared for conductive cooling (via connection from mounting frame to metal display housing)
  • Temperature range (storage): -40..+85°C
  • Relative humidity (operation): max. 95% non-condensing
  • Relative humidity (storage): max. 95% non-condensing
  • Altitude: -300 m to + 2,000 m
  • Bump: 10 g/16 ms
PCB manufactured with a flammability rating of 94V-0 by UL recognized manufacturers


  • Custom connector available instead of standard I/O interface board
  • Up to 6 USB 2.0 host ports (or 5 host ports and 1 client port) available at interface board connector
    • If all USBs are used some functions are not available (Serial interface and Flash disk)
  • HD audio
    • HD audio codec
    • Audio stereo in
    • Audio stereo out
    • SPDIF out
    • All available via D-Sub connector
  • Serial interface
    • 1 serial interface realized via SA-Adapter, e.g., RS232 or RS422, isolated or not, IBIS
  • Secondary display connection
    • Connection of second LVDS display possible via SDVO-to-LVDS converter (optional)
    • Alternatively, connection of second display via DVI connector on interface board (with SDVO-to-DVI-D converter)
PCI Express Mini Card slot
  • For functions like Wi-Fi, WIMAX, GSM/GPRS, UMTS
  • PCI Express and USB interface
  • Accessible via, e.g., a reverse SMA connector
  • SIM socket for GSM/UMTS (optional)
Electrical Specifications
Different input voltage ranges
  • 48 VDC nom. (28.8..67.2 V), 35 W according to EN 50155
  • 72 VDC nom. (43.2..100.8 V), 35 W according to EN 50155
  • 110 VDC nom. (66..154 V), 35 W according to EN 50155
  • 24/36/110 VDC nom. (14.4..154 V), 60 W according to EN 50155
Other Options
  • The product concept is very flexible, there are many other configuration possibilities.
  • Please contact our sales team if you do not find your required function in the options.
  • Some of these options may only be available for large volumes.


Data Sheets
User Manuals
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