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16Z044_DISP - Display Controller


The 16Z044_DISP is a display controller IP core which adds display capabilities to the digital system.

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Main Features

  • FPGA IP Core
  • For VGA, DVI or FPD Link control
  • Resolution up to 1280 x 1024
  • Wishbone bus interface
16Z044_DISP Product Image

Technical Data

  • Logic elements (Altera Cyclone device family): 800 typ.
  • Pin count min: 20
  • Pin count max: 48
  • RAM: 6 x 4096 bits
System-Bus Interface
  • Wishbone bus interface compliant with Wishbone Specification B.3
  • 32-bit data transfer, 33/66/133MHz bus frequency (Master)
  • Supported Wishbone bus cycles (Master)
    • Single read/write
    • Block read
  • 32-bit data transfer, 33/66MHz bus frequency (Slave)
  • Supported Wishbone bus cycles (Slave)
    • Single read/write
  • Resolution up to 1280x1024
  • Frequency 60 or 75 Hz
  • Digital VGA
    • Timing relating to the selected graphical resolution
    • 8-bit data for each of the RGB colors (sourced by 5-6-5 RGB data)
    • HSYNC and VSYNC control signals
  • Interface for a VGA-to-DVI chip
    • Clock output as reference for the data
    • Data qualifier output
  • LVDS
    • Up to 2 FPD link ports (based on LVDS)
    • Each FPD link port with 4 differential data pairs and 1 differential clock pair
    • FPD link interface supports various display panels



MDIS5 System (and Device Driver) Package (MEN) for Linux. This software package includes most standard device drivers available from MEN.


Windows native driver (MEN) for 16Z044_DISP (frame buffer)


VxWorks driver (MEN) for 16Z044_DISP (frame buffer)


QNX native driver (MEN) for 16Z044_DISP (frame buffer)

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