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13MD05-90 - MDIS5 System Package (MEN) for Linux

MDIS5 System Package (MEN) for Linux

Supported MEN Standard Products

Supported Operating System

Development host:
  • x86 with Linux (self-hosted and as cross compilation environment)
  • x86 with Windows (cross compilation environment for ELinOS)

Supported Kernel Versions

  • x86 32/64 bit
    • Linux Kernel Version 2.6.15 up to 4.4
    • SuSE up to 12.1
    • RedHat WS 4 (support for current version on request)
    • CentOS 7
    • Ubuntu (up to version 15.10)
    • Yocto 1.7
  • PowerPC (MPC51xx, MPC83xx, MPC85xx, QorIQ)
    • ELinOS 4.x, 5.0, 5.1
    • ELDK 4.2 up to 5.5.4
    • Yocto 1.7


  • MEN Driver Interface System + Base Board Handler for all M-Module carrier boards (source code)
  • VMEbus drivers included for MEN A12, A13, A15, A17, A19, A20, B11
  • SMBus controller drivers included for ICH, SCH, MGT5200 and MEN IP core 16Z001_SMB

MEN Low-Level Driver Sources

  • MEN low-level driver sources and native Linux drivers for MEN products
  • 13AD78-06 (PSU driver)
    • 13M011-06 (M-Module)
      • 13M022-06 (M-Module)
        • 13M027-06 (M-Module)
          • 13M031-06 (M-Module)
            • 13M033-06 (M-Module)
              • 13M034-06 (M-Module)
                • 13M036-06 (M-Module)
                  • 13M037-06 (M-Module)
                    • 13M043-06 (M-Module)
                      • 13M054-06 (M-Module)
                        • 13M058-06 (M-Module)
                          • 13M062-06 (M-Module)
                            • 13M065-06 (M-Module)
                              • 13M066-06 (M-Module)
                                • 13M072-06 (M-Module)
                                  • 13M075-06 (M-Module)
                                    • 13M077-90 (M-Module)
                                      • 13M099-06 (M-Module)
                                        • 13P7C9-06 (PI7C9X442SL PCI Express to USB swidge)
                                          • 13PP04-06
                                            • 13XC02-06 (Panel PCs)
                                              • 13XM01-06 (BMC in Intel CPU boards)
                                                • 13Y001-06 (temperature and fan control)
                                                  • 13Y002-06 (Intel ICH GPIOs)
                                                    • 13Y004-06 (generic SMBus driver)
                                                      • 13Y007-06 (board controller in Intel CPU boards)
                                                        • 13Z024-06 (16Z024_SRAM IP core)
                                                          • 13Z017-06 (GPIO IP cores)
                                                            • 13Z010-06 (16Z076_QSPI IP core)
                                                              • 13Z015-06 (16Z029_CAN (MSCAN/Layer2) IP core)

                                                                MEN Linux Native Drivers

                                                                • 13Z025-90 (UART IP cores)
                                                                  • 13Z044-90 (16Z044_DISP IP core)
                                                                    • 13Z077-90 (Ethernet IP cores)

                                                                      MEN Linux Host Driver

                                                                      13Z001-90 (16Z001_SMB I2C IP core)


                                                                        • Configuration with MDIS configuration wizard
                                                                        • 64-bit compatibility
                                                                        • Full SMP support

                                                                        Included Documentation

                                                                        PDF user manual available as a separate download

                                                                        Licensing Information


                                                                        This article is free of charge.

                                                                        Ordering Information & Downloads

                                                                        Main Software

                                                                        MDIS5 System (and Device Driver) Package (MEN) for Linux. This software package includes most standard device drivers available from MEN.

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